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North Pines Mounted Search and Rescue is a volunteer organization designed to assist law enforcement locate missing persons or evidence.  Based out of Polk County, Wisconsin, we also serve surrounding counties and even further if possible.  Many of our members are trained in search and rescue, CPR, first aid, compass, radio communications, and are capable of covering a large area in a short time.  All the horses are desensitized and proven to be reliable and safe before being allowed on a search.  We are a volunteer organization, and welcome new members of all ages (over 18) for both mounted work as well as positions to assist in base camp or on ATV. 

Please click on the link to the left under Recent Videos to see our group in action and hear what Burnett County Sheriff Dean Roland thinks of our group!

We are currently seeking new members to assist when duty calls.  If you would like informtaion on how to join please click the link "Contact Us" below our name on the left and fill out the form.  You will get a phone call or email back with information how to get started.  We welcome all volunteers, whether you are interested in mounted searching or want to stay on the ground at home base.

Current Officers

President - Jessie B.

Vice President - Karen J.

Secretary (interim) - Liza H.

Treasurer - Michele G.


The President is the head of the whole organization, and oversees all aspects of the North Pines MSR operation and functions. The president is the binder between other officers and committees.

Vice President

The Vice President is the president's right hand, jumping in to assist as needed and lend support to all members


The Secretary is responsible for communications between the team and outside groups, as well as between the team mebers and the board members.  The secretary holds documentation and records for the team.


The trasurer accounts for all monies passed through the organization.  This can include payments made for equipment, reimbursement to members, and donations accepted.


All riders must pass a desensitizing and training regimen before participating in a live search.  All horses and riders have gone through mock drills and have been exposed to potentially spooky situations to demonstrate full control of their horse at all times.  The riders are the front line of our operation, and must traverse any terrain, from flat fields and roadways to rocky hillsides and rivers.

Base Camp

Base camp consists of many skill sets.  We utilize mapping, GPS, and ham radio communication to track where the riders are out in the field to assure safety and accuracy in searching.  Base camp is essential for communication between our team and incident command, and all skill levels are needed for this important position.  Base camp is sometimes stationary, and often mobile, and can even assist in procuring and distribution of water and food for riders on a long hot day.

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